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On regular basis we monitor the printed, online and broadcast media from our reading lists.

Our list of the printed media includes daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, monthlies and periodical publications. Our media lists reflect the changes occurring on the media market. The publications that are no longer issued are removed from the list while new ones are regularly added. Whether a media is on our list also depends if there is a sufficient interest for it among our clients. If a publication is not on our reading list, it can be included If we receive several requests for it from our clients.

The list of the online media includes the most visited websites with the news about economic and business issues, culture, sports, social events… The list also includes specialized media.

Radio and TV shows are selected according to their audience figures and issues that they cover: politics, economy, culture, sport, mosaic shows and others. The list is updated to reflect the changes of program's season schedules.

* With an additional charge it is also possible to place an order for the monitoring of the media that is not on our list.

Foreign media

In the last several years we have focused our attention on providing media monitoring services from abroad. Our partnership in the Media Intelligence Group and membership in FIBEP enable us to provide media monitoring services from the whole world. We can also provide the translation of the foreign media coverage.

Media contact lists

A good media contact list is one of the most valuable tools for media relations. Our media contact list contains information such as journalists’ names, phone numbers, address, e-mails. If so required it can also contain other information. We can provide media contact lists for a particular region or county, as well as the list of specialized media (automotive, fashion, construction, culture etc.) A good media contact list is your little black book of contacts. So don’t hesitate, order it already today. Please send your orders and inquiries to